Galician Marine Aquaculture - Abalon
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Galician Marine Aquaculture

The largest production plant in Europe

Galician Marine Aquaculture’s farm is located on the estuary of Muros-Noia. It covers a surface of 25,000 square meters and represents a total investment of 10M Euros.


GMA was founded in the year 2003, starting as a spin-off of the University of Santiago de Compostela. This project was awarded the First Prize in the 3rd Concurso de Iniciativas Empresariales (Business Initiatives Contest) of the University of Santiago de Compostela in the category of Technology-based projects.

From then on, the main landmarks of the company have been the following:

  • 2003 GMA was founded. The Galician Regional Ministry for Social Affairs, Employment and Labor relations distinguishes GMA as Technologically-based Entrepreneurial Initiative.
  • 2004. The Project for abalone comprehensive growth in A Piela (Muros) is considered a Social Strategic Concern by the Council of Muros. This year GMA starts carrying out the necessary steps in order to obtain all authorizations and licenses.
  • 2006. The Galician Regional Council grants GMA the status of  Sectorial Project of Supra-municipal significance. Furthermore, GMA becomes one of the co-founding members of the Galician Biotechnological Cluster.
  • 2006-2009. All required authorizations and licenses are obtained.
  • 2011. The culture farm for abalone is built.
  • 2012. The culture farm starts to operate. GMA becomes a member of the Galician Aquaculture Cluster, ANFACO and APROMAR.

Galician Marine Aquaculture is determined to satisfy its customers from around the globe by providing top level abalone through the latest innovations and technologies.


GMA will become a leading company in the field of sustainable development and growth of new up-market marine species with value added presentations.

GMA’s competitive advantage is based on Inveracum’s management abilities, Grupo Profand’s knowledge on processed fish markets and a distribution network experienced in the main target markets (China, Japan, Taiwan, USA and France), as well as, highly skilled personnel in the use of state-of-the-artrecirculation systems available in the market and adapted to develop the target species. GMA is one of the few companies officially authorized to introduce and grow non-native species.

The main goal is to create an avant-garde company by becoming a pioneer in the introduction and growth of new aquaculture species and by placing Galician Marine Aquaculture as a model of diversification of the aquaculture sector towards up-market products



Buildings: 6,234 m2

Facilities: Dressing Rooms, rest areas and warehouse
Production Areas

Hatchery + Nursery: 2,168 m2
Prefattened: 1,876 m2
Processing + Warehouse: 1,622 m2

Water treatment area: 566 m2

Captación y sistema de recirculación: 522 m2
Sistema de tratamiento agua Hatchery: 44 m2

Vídeo corporativo


D. Luis González Ferrera

Representing INVERACUM S.L, 48,17% share

Dª. Eva Hernando Pato


D. Enrique García Chillón

Representing Grupo Profand S.L., 24% share

D. Fernando Santamaría Estepar

2,22% share

Other members:

  • Pedro Oscar Santamaría Estepar (General Manager) 12% share
  • Eduardo Pérez Redondo ,  2,22% share
  • Rodrigo Burgos Vega,  1,62% shae
  • SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial S.A.,  9,77% share


Galician Marine Aquaculture, S.L. It is a pioneer in Spain in the development of abalone or abalone, gastropod mollusk highly demanded by the Asian market.
In its Quality Policy, Food Safety and Environment, the pillars are set to achieve the best economic results through health and hygiene guarantee, customer satisfaction and simultaneous compliance with environmental commitments.
Defined quality, food safety, ethical behavior in food crises, the prevention of occupational risks and prevention and protection of the environment and pollution as key to meet targets, without forgetting the product and customer requirements. In addition specifically set as goals the reduction of consumption dangerous products thereby reducing associated waste, reducing power consumption and improving the microbiological control of the plant
It is worth special mention, control developed for both preservation of native species to alien species through the quarantine room and cleaning stringent controls and debugging.
Customer satisfaction, by meeting the requirements of the products and try as far as possible to adapt to the new requirements demanded by the client in order to increase their degree of satisfaction job responsibility, through the commitment of all employees of the company, to work based on the Integrated Management System. The Directorate will ensure and make available all, material, human and financial resources required for their achievement legal compliance in terms of quality, safety and the environment and anyone else who voluntarily subscribe

Continuous improvement. The company is committed to compliance with all objectives, as well as the continuous improvement of the same.
Its mission is positioning as a leader in sustainable development and cultivation of new marine species (abalone) with high-end presentations with high added value, both in the domestic and international markets

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