Abalón by GMA at Madrid Fusión 2016 - Abalon
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Abalón by GMA at Madrid Fusión 2016

Abalón by GMA en Madrid Fusión 2016

02 Jan Abalón by GMA at Madrid Fusión 2016

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.

This year saw the fourteenth edition of the International Congress of Gastronomy Madrid Fusion held annually in Madrid, since 2003.

The Congress was held in January at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Campo de las Naciones in Madrid. It was attended by cooks of great prestige, both Spanish and the rest of the world.

In addition, one hundred companies presented their products with the main purpose to establish new business or to present their products to the rest of Congress and the general public relations.

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.
This year the company Gallega GMA, which specializes in abalone, has launched its product to market, after 4 years of full dedication to the maturation of the product and has joined the many companies that participated in the XIV edition of Madrid Fusion .

Abalone by GMA belongs to the species Haliotis discus hannai, most recognized and most sought worldwide for its organoleptic characteristics species: color, flavor, texture.

The product presentation was held in January Angel Leon’s hand, sea Restaurant chef Aponiente, with two Michelin stars.

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.
The chef had already tried earlier this premium seafood with excellent ratings.

David Arauz accompanied him during the presentation, executive chef 99SushiBar Bamboo Group 9 restaurants in Madrid. David had also worked the abalon previously and had been interested in developing new interpretations of it, always alluding to its high versatility and excellent texture and flavor.

Both chefs presented Abalone by performing a Show Cooking in which they congratulated the company for embarking on such a risky project and they are sure some positive results will be achieved given good input that is taking this product Gourmet in Spanish cuisine and its newest addition to the menus of renowned restaurants.

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.
Abalone is a product with high added value and requires 4 years to complete maturation, it is a premium product very versatile as indicated by our chefs that can be cooked in many ways and even oil is a product that causes very good sensations on the palate. In Japan, this variety along with sun-dried abalone are the most valued.

Being a product unknown to many and a product that needs a specific treatment, it is crucial to understand the steps for proper cleaning, cooking, steam, etc. to their optimal use. Abalone cooking techniques

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.
It is a seafood where everything is usable, even the gonads accompany many of our dishes transformed into sauces.

The shells are also very attractive, due to the range of colors that incorporate and are widely used for the manufacture of jewelry and accessories.

The results obtained with the participation of GMA in the XIV edition of Madrid Fusion have been positive for the company, which hopes to establish commercial relations with several restaurants, but says there is still a long way to go.

Abalone by GMA in Madrid Fusion 2016.