Abalón by GMA at Salón de Gourmets 2016 - Abalon
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Abalón by GMA at Salón de Gourmets 2016

Abalón by GMA en el Salón Gourmet 2016.

03 Apr Abalón by GMA at Salón de Gourmets 2016

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.

This year the company GMA has participated in the 30th edition of the Salon de Gourmets, international food and beverage fair quality.

The fair, which was attended by one hundred companies, took place on 4, 5, 6 and 7 April in Ifema, in Madrid.

The fair brought together veterans chefs like Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana or Arbelaitz Hilario, top chefs who appreciated the edition of the magazine Club de Gourmets and Roundtables on Gastronomy.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.
The fair was also attended by other cooks later generations as Berasategui, Pedro Larumbe, Carme Ruscalleda, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Pepe Solla, Toño Pérez, Oscar Velasco, Fernando Córdoba, Romain Fornell or Susi Diaz.
This time GMA stand shared with other Galician companies engaged in aquaculture, and all of them have participated under the umbrella of MAGRAMA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment), owner of the stand.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.
The company GMA decided to introduce its premium seafood with a short corporate video about the history of the company and its president Luis Gonzalez introduced the product with a brief introductory talk.

Then the chef Unai Camba, who has worked on several occasions with GMA abalone, obtaining various interpretations thereof, made a Cooking Show for attendees.

Attendees were able to taste the recipes prepared by the chef and ask him questions about how he cooked and overall product.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Gourmets Group and the magazine Club de Gourmets, as well as the 30th anniversary of the Hall of Gourmets and Wine Club Gourmets commemorated.

Gourmets 5th Roundtable: 1976-2016 was the big news of the SG and a unique opportunity to hear the views and experiences of the best professionals of gastronomy, enology and communication.

At the end of the 5th Roundtable Gourmets 1976-2016: 40 years of evolution of gastronomy 40th anniversary awards were handed Gourmets Club. The winners were Juan Mari Arzak for his career, Luis Irizar for his great work chair; Ferran Adrià in the category of Universality and Karlos Arguiñano by promoting Gastronómica Communication.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.
No doubt it is a fair of great appeal to national and international level and with great impact.

After nearly four years dedicated solely to create a quality product with high added value, GMA launches this year.

The product will settle in the best restaurants nationwide and hopefully have a good reception from the public.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.
Very reputable chefs, such as Japanese Shinja Fukumoto (3 Michelin stars), an expert in cleaning and processing of abalone have prepared the product with excellent ratings.

Many chefs cooked GMA´s abalone with different cooking techiniques, among them were Angel Leon, restaurant Aponiente in Cadiz(2 star Michelin); David Arauz, executive chef 99SushiBar Bamboo Group 9 restaurants in Madrid; Unai Camba, Restaurant Arce in Madrid; Pedro Roca restaurant with the same name; Fernando P. Arellano Zaranda Restaurant Two Michelin Stars in Mallorca; Pepe Solla, Solla House restaurant or Abraham Garcia, Viridiana Restaurant in Madrid.

Abalone by GMA at Hall of Gourmets 2016.